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Will You Forgive Our Blogging Absence If We Discuss Game of Thrones?

Posted by Laura Bailey on

The Captain's Blog Entry 8 - Stardate:  No Idea

Hi guys and gals!  It's been so long.  Too long in fact since we've written a blog entry.  Our bad.  Captain Picard kept daily records and we promise to do better so we are worthy of the name, "The Captain's Blog!"  :)

Captain Picard Meme

There's so much to catch our fans up with here at Con Couture, but we find ourselves only wanting to talk about Game of Thrones!  When was there a more anticipated hour of television this year?  I can't think of anything. 

Sunday night's episode was amazing AND way too short AND has us sufficiently excited for the Season.   

You can stream the full episodes with either HBO Go or HBO Now here!  I DVR'ed it but I feel like I have to watch it again before I permit a deletion.  :)

You can re-live all of your favorite or non-favorite moments from the premiere with this official gallery of pictures from HBO on!

Here's a few of our favorites: 

HBO Game of Thrones Photo

(Photo: HBO)


Game of Thrones Season 6 Photo

(Photo: HBO)


Game of Thrones Seaso 6 Photo

(Photo: HBO)


Enough about us, we want to hear about you!  Whether it's your first time hearing about us or you're a returning Con Couture customer, leave us a shout out in the comments below.  And tune in for the next entry on The Captain's Blog!  ;)

- Con Couture

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  • Game of thrones, it is not just a series it is a sensation. Whenever a game of Thrones season is released everyone everywhere is talking about it. This all came from a mind of a single great man, the writer of the story George R. R. Martin.

    DarleneAduch on

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