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Con Couture Guide - Welcome to our new Company blog!

Posted by Laura Bailey on

Hi there!  We're Con Couture.  You may already know that or maybe it's your first time here.  The question you're probably asking is:  am I in the right place? 

Here's how you know:  Are you an online shopper, geek, fan, nerd, gamer, Disney fanatic, comic book reader, fanboy, princess, pet lover, cosplayer, Twitch streamer, Youtube strategy watcher, convention go-er, geek bride or something else?  If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then you've come to the right place because we are too!      

When we first started this company, it was an homage to our own personal fandoms.  Now as we are nearing the anniversary of our 1st year in business, it has become so much more than that.  We love meeting customers in person at conventions and finding the best products we can to share with other geeks.  

We've grown a lot, we've made big changes and small ones, but the one thing that remains the same is that we're fans too.  

I spent the first part of my professional career doing Marketing, Sales, and Social Media for other companies.  Many of those were quite successful, and I had the opportunity to interact with majorly successful entities.  Most of them had really awesome blogs.  Why?  Because ultimately, customers love a personal connection and a story.  It's human nature.

And because we know this and identify with it ourselves, that's what you're going to find on this blog everyday:  product reviews, the story behind that cosplay, incredible fan-art, and more....the full geek experience if you will. 


Let's call it The Captain's Blog! #winning  


So without further ado, here's a short history about Con Couture in some photos:

First, we were 2 separate geeks who loved geeky things. 

star wars earrings, darth vader earrings, con couture earrings, stainless steel earrings, con couture star wars earrings  elder scrolls, elder scrolls online, special tamriel editiion, elder scrolls tamriel

Me on the left with my awesome Star Wars earrings, my husband on the right getting his new Elder Scrolls game.  

Then, he put a ring on it......

golem, jareds jeweler, engagement, con couture, lord of the rings, the precious


xbox one, xbox controller cake, xbox grooms cake, xbox wedding cake, xbox one grooms cakecon couture owners, wedding, honeymoon

The Xbox One Grooms cake that I surprised him with at our Wedding and us on our Honeymoon in Key West, Florida. 

Then, we got an amazingingly crazy and fun idea that we should start our own ecommerce business and exhibit at conventions..... 

con couture, spooky empire convention, exhibiting at the con, san diego comic con

And Con Couture was born! 

con couture website, concouture website, con couture homepage


That's us in a nutshell.  Oops!  We almost forgot:  that's our dog/fur child/tiny terror Jesse.  He's a 3 legged, cancer survivor and rescue chihuahua that specializes in paw licking, shedding, blanket stealing, and not wanting his parents to dress him in costumes. 


Enough about us, we want to hear about you!  Whether it's your first time hearing about us or you're a returning Con Couture customer, leave us a shout out in the comments below.  And tune in tomorrow for The Captain's Blog Post #2!  ;)

- Con Couture

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  • Thanks for the blog love Kammy! We would love to geek out with you too. :)

    Con Couture on
  • Would love to geek out with yall some time soon!

    Kammy on

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