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Con Couture 2017 Convention Schedule

Posted by Laura Bailey on

The Captain's Blog Entry 13 - Stardate:  No Idea

Well here we are again....another year with our business Con Couture!  We've been fine tuning the website, as well as reviewing our products and archives.  The last time we posted on this blog was June 2016. That's pretty bad and it's all our fault! 


Yeah, we made this!


The start of a new year is always good in the sense that it provides a fresh start and we are going to use that fresh start to pick up where we left off with The Captain's Blog.  That means, weekly posts every Wednesday! 


Yep, we made this one too.


Last year, our business was defined by our Convention attendance.  We were on the road every month, visiting cities all around the United States. 

This year, we decided to focus our goals on increasing website sales.  We did however, choose our favorite conventions and have booked our booths for 2017. 


If you want to meet us or shop in person, visit our Events page for the Con Couture 2017 Convention Schedule!


Enough about us, we want to hear about you!  Whether it's your first time hearing about us or you're a returning Con Couture customer, leave us a shout out in the comments below.  And tune in for the next entry on The Captain's Blog!  ;)

- Con Couture





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