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Cosplay Couture: 3 Favorite Cosplay Ideas from Comic Con

Posted by Laura Bailey on


One of the absolute best things about going to comic conventions is the cosplay!   

A few weeks ago, we created a list of 5 tips for attending your 1st convention and cosplay etiquette was our number 5.    

Now we want to share 3 of our favorite cosplay characters of all time.  


1.  Harry Potter Bertie Botts - so fun and creative!  

Harry Potter Bertie Botts Cosplay



2.  Hocus Pocus - These amazing Sanderson Sisters are famous wherever they go!

Cosplay & Photo Credit to:

Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sister Cosplay



3.  The Walking Dead Rick Grimes - The very convincing and talented Cecil Grimes

The Walking Dead Cosplay Cecil Grimes



Tell us about your favorite convention cosplay in the comments below! 

Enough about us, we want to hear about you!  Whether it's your first time hearing about us or you're a returning Con Couture customer, leave us a shout out in the comments below.  And tune in for the next entry on The Captain's Blog!  ;)

- Con Couture

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