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Star Trek Crew Socks

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Blue - Logical

Logically speaking, your Star Trek fandom just wouldn’t be complete without these crew socks! Second of all, it is only logical that your feet might get cold or your shoes would start to smell bad if you didn’t own socks so it might as well be these.


Gold - Captain

“There are certain things men must do to remain men.” – Captain James T. Kirk. He would further elaborate that all men should definitely own these socks. After all, famous and mouthy Starfleet Captains get cold feet too sometimes!


Red - Engineer

No one is working harder or faster than the engineering crew aboard the ship and what is the thanks they get? Warp cores that blow up in their faces and imminent death! Oh well, at least their feet will look cool and be cozy even when the end is near!


These officially licensed Star Trek Crew Socks are perfect for school, work, conventions, and make a great wedding party gift too!  


Men’s Sock Sizing:  Fits Men’s Sizes 6-12

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